Week 1 of the college football season didn’t tell us a whole lot about how the next 14 weeks will go that we didn’t already know. Bama is going to be good…again. Georgia is talented, Ohio State has playmakers, and Louisiana had a hurricane. That’s about all we know.

What we DO know, is that the experts on the set of College Gameday are losing more and more credibility as the years go on. The constant shilling for the Bama/Miami game, saying that the game would be close was nauseating. If you have watched any college football over the past several years, you know that this Alabama program…as it is being run right now…is the best in the history of the sport. They have 4- and 5-star athletes at every position and are coached by the greatest head coach in history of college ball. Miami has average talent coached by Manny Diaz and Rhett Lashley…average coaches at best. This game wasn’t close, was never going to be close, and anybody who thought otherwise was either A) shilling for the broadcast ratings, or B) a delusional Miami fan.

Equipment managers return the “Turnover Chain” to the locker after a fumble call is overturned.

Top 25

  • Ohio State @ Minnesota – Gophers played well, but Buckeyes had too much firepower. Big plays by Ohio State was the difference
  • North Carolina @ Virginia Tech – UNC is a fraud, the O-Line is putrid and Sam Howell can’t/won’t make contested throws.
  • Alabama vs. Miami – Slaughter. Miami choosing to kick a field goal with :01 in the first half down 27-0 was funny…but pulling out the turnover chain down 27 points was just priceless.
  • Tulane “at” Oklahoma – Y’all told me Oklahoma’s defense was going to be better…Oklahoma’s defense is awful. Tulane had the ball down 5 with a chance to win…came up 1/2 yard short on 4th down.
  • Georgia vs. Clemson – Defenses looked great, neither QB looked good. Clemson’s O-Line got exposed. Kirby Smart played it safe.
  • Fresno State @ Oregon – Ducks escaped.
  • Penn State @ Wisconsin – Neither offense looked competent. Not sure what we saw from the defenses…hope y’all took the under.
  • FAU @ Florida – Anthony Richardson is the guy. This may be a Kelly Bryant/Trevor Lawrence situation
  • LSU @ UCLA – UCLA brutalized LSU’s defense, ran all over them…in those “sissy blue” shirts.
  • Indiana @ Iowa – Indiana needs a new equipment manager
  • Louisiana @ Texas – meh, Texas won, Louisiana teams were 0-3 on the weekend…seems like there might have been some kind of natural disaster down there or something…
  • Notre Dame @ FSU – Notre Dame looked SLOW, FSU actually looks like a football team. EVERYBODY is rooting for McKenzie Milton…what a great story.

The rest:

  • Boise State @ UCF – Knights with a great comeback from down 10 at half.
  • USF @ NC State – Bulls are bad, next up: Florida…good luck
  • East Carolina @ App State – ECU with the back door “make it look good” score… (27-9 going into the 4th)
  • BGSU @ Tennessee – 14-6 at half, Vols put it away in 3rd qtr.
  • Michigan State @ Northwestern – Sparty looks like a football team. Big, well coached and aggressive.
  • UL Monroe @ Kentucky – Wildcats threw for almost 400 yards…I say again, they THREW for almost 400 yards!!!
  • Stanford @ Kansas State – Tell me again how David Shaw is an elite coach…
  • Rice @ Arkansas – Arkansas apparently hung over to start the game…got it going in the 2nd half.
  • WVU at Maryland – Maryland has an offense.
  • Oregon State @ Purdue – Beavers aren’t great, Purdue holding par here
  • UTSA @ Illinois – Hey Nebraska, how you feeling now? LOL
  • East Tennessee @ Vanderbilt – Y’all know Vandy is in the SEC by default of history, right?
  • Utah State @ Washington State – Where’s Mike Leach when you need him?
  • Louisville @ Ole Miss – Even with the Lane Train in quarantine, Ole Miss is fun to watch. Louisville, not so much

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