Vegas said TCU was underrated last week. Welp…maybe that loss to SMU was simply a hiccup, but maybe not? This week sees the Florida Gators move OUT of that Overrated category (much to the delight of the author here), and sees Fresno State pop into it…the Bulldogs still aren’t quite on Vegas’ board just yet. And… WELCOME BACK to our perennially most overrated team: Notre Dame! (in the Underrated category). We’re not sure what happened there, but we’ve opened an investigation.


Fresno State made it into both polls, Vegas isn’t buying the Bulldogs just yet

TeamVegas RankingPolling AverageIndex
Fresno StateUnranked19.5-5.5
Penn State105-5
Ole Miss1612-4
Coastal Carolina1916-3


LSU has returned after a road win over Mississippi State – Tigers get to prove it next week vs. Auburn

TeamVegas RankingPolling AverageIndex
Oklahoma State718.511.5
Boston College24284
Notre Dame583

Add/Drop Time

Teams added to from Vegas’ rankings. New ranking in parenthesis:

Added: Michigan State (17), Texas (20), LSU (21), Baylor (22), Wake Forest (23), Boston College (24), and SMU (25)

Teams dropped from Vegas’ rankings; previous rank in parenthesis:

Dropped: Clemson (6), TCU (13), Iowa State (15), Liberty (18), North Carolina (22), Wisconsin (23), and Kansas State (24).


  • WILD movement within the Vegas poll/rankings this week as Clemson drops from 6th to all the way out, and the same with TCU (13), Iowa State (15), and Liberty (18) all taking nose-dives.
  • Good to see Michigan State finally getting some recognition, jumping into the rankings at 17. Sparty has won convincingly on the road and beat a very hungry Nebraska team. We’ll see how they hold up through the month of October.
  • Aside from the teams dropping all the way out, the only team dropping positions is Texas A&M after they got pummeled at the hands of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Aggies get Bama in two weeks.
  • LSU jumped back into Vegas’ rankings at 21 after their strong showing at… (checks notes) …Mississippi State, winning by three. Looks like a pat on the head to me.
  • Oklahoma survived ANOTHER scare, this time at the hands of West Virginia, at home, in the last minute. Hey, at least their defense is showing signs of life. “Hey, West Virginia does that to everybody” – Manny Diaz
  • Speaking of “The U“…good so see the ‘Canes back on track with that huge upset win over Central Connection State.
  • …and then there’s Florida State. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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