Everybody wants to do something special for “the greater good.” We give to charities, etc…but often times we aren’t exactly sure where the money goes or even how much of it is being used correctly. Sometimes you just want to do something that is tangible…that you KNOW will impact lives.

Today is your day…

My wife and I fostered a little girl for two years. When she arrived at our home on Good Friday, she had nothing. Most of the time this is the case, these children who are removed from their homes come to a strange house with strange people with nothing but the clothes on their back. No extra clothes, no toys…not even a toothbrush.

CanYouHelpWe are seeking sponsors for Thirty-One Cinch Sacs to children entering the Foster Care system. Here’s where you can make a difference: Your $23 donation will provide a Thirty-One cinch sac filled with goodies to a child being placed in foster care.

All commission received from the sales will be used to fill the cinch sacs (we keep no money). Not only will they have some personal items to call their own, they will have their own bag to carry it in and to keep with them if they are moved to different homes, or even to take on family visits.

We know that together we can bless some sweet children during a time when they are in their most intense time of need.

Here is how it works: You can sponsor as many bags as you would like for $23 each. We will use ALL of the commissions that are made on the bags to fill them with things like a stuffed animal, cozy socks, a blanket, etc. If you would like to sponsor a bag, please contact us at the email address below!