My late mother-in-law worked in a food sales organization where every once in a while the owner’s father would come to the office and make a special treat for the staff…”Scorchitini.” Nobody ever really knew what all went in it, but it was burnt. Everything was blackened.

So, I have devised a recipe that is inspired by this mysterious dish: the Scorch Omelette.

If you know how to make a beautiful, succulent Denver omelette…forget everything you know. This ain’t it.

Start off by taking your onions, peppers, ham, sausage, beef…whatever you want and throw all of that into a screaming-hot skillet. Want better flavor? Great, add a tablespoon of rendered bacon lard. Whatever you do, make sure what you’re using has a high smoke-point.

Leave it in the pan until burnt. I’m not talking about well done, or rendered, clear or softened. BURN IT…ok, don’t set it on fire…just make it very, very, very well done. Then throw a handful of shredded cheddar cheese in there and let that get good and crispy too.

THEN, you can pour your eggs over the top, flip quickly and put it on the plate. Burn everything except the eggs. Burnt eggs are gross.

Serve and enjoy…

Don’t think you’ll like it? Afraid of how this might ruin your culinary reputation. Fuggetabahtit…this one is wonderful.