Welp, even the guys in Vegas get it wrong periodically…or they are just sandbagging the betting public. The latter of which seems to be more applicable. The Oregon Ducks were our most “overrated” team last week, but waltzed into the Horseshoe and handled the Buckeyes. The only reason the game was close is that Mario Crisobal and Joe Morehead decided to throw the ball. Team Vegas Rank Polling Average Index UCLA 25 13 -12 Wisconsin 23 17.5 -5.5 Arizona St. Unranked 20 -5 North Carolina 24 20 -4 Virginia Tech 19 15 -4 Arkansas Unranked 22 -3 Penn St. 14 11 -3 Team Vegas RankRead More →

If Week 1’s results were “incomplete,” then Week 2 is show prep for the meat of the schedule. Conference games will begin in earnest this week. The biggest conference game on the slate will be at 3:30pm EST in Gainesville, Florida. The #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide will come calling on the #11 Florida Gators (you can watch the festivities on CBS). The non-conference games are still around, though, Auburn is at Penn State this week, and we have an old rivalry renewed with Nebraska at Oklahoma (not that it’ll be much of a contest…). Back to the topic at hand though, what did weRead More →

If you have watched any college football over the past several years, you know that this Alabama program…as it is being run right now…is the best in the history of the sport. They have 4- and 5-star athletes at every position and are coached by the greatest head coach in history of college ball. Miami has average talent coached by Manny Diaz and Rhett Lashley…average coaches at best. This game wasn’t close, was never going to be close, and anybody who thought otherwise was either A) shilling for the broadcast ratings, or B) a delusional Miami fan.Read More →

The Gators rang-up 400 yards rushing Saturday night. That’s a good stat regardless of who you’re playing. Jones, Richardson, Davis and Pierce gashed, plowed and steamrolled FAU defenders consistently. When they weren’t running through defenders, they were hurdling them.Read More →

Every season starts with a first game, the first time the players get to step onto the field “for real.” You can practice all you want, you can scrimmage, you can do “live” tackling…but the first real game is different. There’s an earnest feeling of excitement, of confidence, of doubt, and of course butterflies. If you don’t have butterflies in the stomach, you’re not ready. For the Florida Gators 2021 season, the first game is against Florida Atlantic. The Owls shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to Florida’s season, they are undermanned, and let’s be honest: their coach is Willie Taggart. So what doRead More →

Well, what we DO know about the 2021 draft is that the first three teams will take a QB. Jax at 1.1 will definitely take Trevor Lawrence. The Jets just traded Sam Darnold away and the 49ers are trying to figure out what to do about Jimmy Garoppolo; they traded up to #3…so that’s a given. The question is going to be: “what QB will they take?”My best guess is that the Jets will take Justin Fields at 1.2; Fields is the best prospect outside of Lawrence, he has the size and arm strength. He’s also a high-character kid who led the effort by B1GRead More →

The Steelers would reach the Super Bowl again in 2010, losing to a red-hot Green Bay Packers team led by burgeoning superstar quarterback Aaron Rogers. Since 2010, however, the Steelers have only reached the AFC Championship Game once, losing to the New England Patriots in 2016.Read More →