• She's the one...

    We've told this story a number of times and I tell people that for me, it was literally love at first sight...

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  • Marvin's Uphill Climb

    That Lewis has been successful at all in Cincinnati is somewhat of a miracle given the constraints placed upon him by ownership. The Bengals' management reads like the Brown family photo album...but so does the Steelers.

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  • Why the Blood?

    Why is it that Christians, in our modern society, are still talking about sacrifice? Why are we still talking about blood?


As I write this on September 28, 2017, I am reminiscing about the day I met the woman who would eventually become my wife.  I don’t remember a lot about Sunday, September 28, 1997…at least not much before about 5pm.  That’s when I met her.  It was right after embarkation in San Juan, Puerto Rico and I was tasked with one of my best friends, Mike Wycoff, to do Bingo card sales just outside of the main theater on the MS Seaward (Norwegian Cruise Line).  That was the first (and only) time we were tasked with said assignment. As she approached the table, I noticedRead More →

So we’ve learned that “Home Ec” has now been renamed to “Family & Consumer Sciences”… well alrightey then!  Anyhoo… Cole’s assignment this week was to prepare a meal for his family.  He had to choose a main course and at least two of the following:  salad, side dish or dessert. Being the adventurous young man that he is, he chose to make Grilled Chicken Marsala, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Chocolate Ice Cream.  …all from scratch! We started with the chocolate ice cream on Saturday evening (since it has to sit in the refrigerator overnight).  He does a fantastic job of measuring and making sure theRead More →

A Few videos from last night’s choral concert at Carson Middle School.  The music program there is absolutely amazing, led by David Woten (6th and 7th grade) and Jamie Davis (8th grade). Hope you enjoy. CMS Select is an auditioned group of 6-8th grades.  They meet from 7am – 8am on Tuesday mornings.  This group is used to help those whose voices are changing by pairing them up with older singers who are experiencing the same effects. A funny thing happened with this song.  The first performance was not recorded on the audio track by the technicians…so this is the second performance of the song…whichRead More →

I was asked to preach this week at the North Hills Community Baptist Church as our Pastor was away for the weekend.  The topic selected was atonement and repentance.  Why is it that Christians, in our modern society, are still talking about sacrifice?  Why are we still talking about blood? Take a listen… Sermon content credit goes to Dr. Ergun Caner from whom I borrowed a great inspiration for this sermon.  Dr. Caner is the former President of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Brewton-Parker College in Georgia.Read More →