Wives and Canoes…

This thread of comments from over at Deadspin is absolutely fantastic!  It was posted in response to Bill Murray’s speech at some random guy’s bachelor party in Charleston, SC.  …enjoy
Yesterday 9:13am
Drew Magary

He’s correct about the traveling together bit- totally revealing. Paddling a two person canoe is a cheaper way to stress test a budding romance, though.



There’s a reason why residents of Kauai, Hawaii refer to two-person kayaks as “divorce canoes”



Wouldn’t that be something- if there was less divorce amongst Hawaiians because of outriggers.


I was in a two person kayak down in Turks & Caicos with my wife for about 27 seconds before I turned to her and asked her politely to get the f*** out.


I did a two-person kayak with my wife once. Once.

Ten years later we did a kayak tour with our young sons, so she took a double with one son and I took a double with the other. Her boat was a constant catastrophe; our boat ride was smooth, easy, and painless. But even I was not stupid enough to point out the clear common factor between the two nightmare kayak rides…


Mok, the Magic Man>Woodhouse

There’s also a joke about tandem bicycles coming with divorce papers. Last week I saw a three-person tandem. Could you imagine having to divorce your partner and disown your child?

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