All season I have tried to figure out the logic of the “Title Odds Rankings” given by the Las Vegas Sports Consultants. I finally got it figured out…this ranking is of the teams Vegas seems to believe have an actual path to the championship. The reason for this is that Vegas dropped the Florida Gators out of the poll after a close loss on the road to Kentucky while Ole Miss and Arkansas remain in the poll after blowout losses this week. Arkansas and Ole Miss still have a path to the SEC Championship Game WITHOUT help from another team. Florida will require help from someone else in the SEC.

This type of ranking is not the intent of The Overrated Index. We don’t really care who has a chance to win the championship, we want a ranking of the best 25 teams in the country and we want to compare that ranking to what the media and coaches pretend to put out there as credible.

So, we will pause publishing The Overrated Index until such time as we can find a solid ranking for our index.

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